In the present times of digitalization, having technical skills can help you fetch a better job. With an increasing number of people looking for jobs in the IT sector, having an additional certification is an advantage for those who want to switch jobs or want a change. While there are several courses to choose from, Software Testing Training New York has caught the attention of many people – both working professionals and students. The course is designed to familiarize students with the world of software testing and how they can grow in this profession.

Several people are keen to fetch a job in the IT sector. Enrolling in a short-term training course makes for the best way to get started in this career. Learning software testing skills is a must to carve out a niche in this field. Here, we bring to you the most common skills that a software tester should know to start a career.

Passion for Testing

Having a passion for what you do is the key to achieve success in that field. Software testing needs passion determination, patience, and dedication. To be a successful software tester, you have to be passionate about what and how you do. There should be curious about what you want to test. Such professionals must be passionate to take challenges when testing a product or app in multiple environments.

Perform a Test to Break Approach

Software testers should have a strong desire to ensure the quality of the product that leads to great software testing skills. A software tester plays a vital role in deciding the final quality of the software app or product. It develops a “test to break” approach. This type of approach is needed for searching run-away defects.

Quick Learner 

Well, it is the most important Quality Of A Software Tester. Such professionals should have the ability to learn and adapt quickly. In software testing, software or product should be tested on or with several new technologies, and time to learn and understand new technologies and tools might be less. A software tester should have a short learning curve and pick up new concepts quickly.

The perspective of the Customer 

The purpose of developing a product is to cater to the needs of customers. Thus, it becomes important to think from their perspective and prepare test data at the time of testing. Unless the point of view of customers is taken into consideration, you cannot meet the purpose of designing and developing a product. Also, the quality of the product might decline because there are chances you might escape bugs. So, while doing testing, put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think accordingly.

Team Player

Being a good team player is always an advantage. The software testing team is a small department of any large organization or company and should be able to work with other clients and stakeholders. They should share the workload and help other team members when someone has difficulty understanding something or is stuck somewhere in the testing process.

Excellent analyzing and thinking skills

Having excellent thinking and analytical skills is very important for a software tester. Only when you analyze a product, you can find out about the errors and flaws. It is easy for a skilled software tester to gain product knowledge however strong analysis is a must before commencing the testing of a product or app. Thus, to become a successful software tester, you should have out-of-the-box thinking skills. Good analytical skills help in breaking up an intricate software system into small chunks for gaining a clear and better understanding and creating corresponding tests.


When it comes to software testing, it needs a lot of creating and innovative thinking. Often the bugs remain hidden and performing the obvious tests will give a few chances to actually locate them. Therefore, the software testers should use their creative skills to find out all the scenarios that are likely to identify bugs, errors, and glitches. In other words, they should be able to “see beyond the obvious”.

Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

A well-trained and skilled software tester should create several “what if” scenarios. They should put themselves in the shoes of the customers and apply different scenarios in testing the software application or product. They should have out-of-the-box thinking so that they can come up with multiple testing scenarios.

These are some of the common skills that a software tester should have. By enrolling in a short-term training program, you can learn the above stated and many more skills to start a promising career in this field.

Usually, the roles and responsibilities of a software tester might vary based on the company they are working for. Here are some of the important and general roles and responsibilities of a software tester.


  • Communication with the test manager/test lead
  • Analyzing the requirements from the customer’s point of view.
  • Participating in preparing test scenarios and test plans
  • Understand procedure and process followed in an organization or company
  • Preparing test environment for executing the test cases.
  • Conduct test case review meeting 
  • Preparation of test cases and test scenarios depending on the Functional requirement document or software requirement specifications (SRS).
  • Execution of test scripts or test cases
  • Preparing summary reports and defect tracking.
  • Coordinate as a team with remote and local teammates.
  • Record the test result (fail or pass).
  • Pay high attention to even the smallest detail in all work
  • Retest defects and flaws as necessary.
  • Track and report defects in a bug tracking system.
  • Support software engineers in reproducing issues and problems.
  • Preparing suggestion documents for improving the overall quality of the application.
  • Record new flaws, errors, and defects uncovered during the execution of the test. 
  • Coordinate with teams for enhancing the quality of software. 
  • Contribute to the process improvements and company knowledge base.
  • Flexible in working under different and changing work scenarios and settings. 

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