Quality part is an indispensable of all business organizations. With increasing competition, it has become of utmost importance to deliver quality projects within the stipulated time. In the world of software development, ensuring the quality of a software app or product is the key to retain existing clients and attracting more. The role of quality assurance professionals is vital in checking the product for several defects and issues. This has triggered the demand for software QA professionals. You can tap the benefits of this emerging profession by enrolling for Quality Assurance Training ChicagoA course designed to train and groom aspiring professionals can give your career a much-needed leap. 

What exactly is software quality assurance?

Software products have become an inevitable part of human lives. No matter where you live and what you do for a living, dependency on software apps is omnipresent. Right now, from where I sit, I can see at least 15 tabs open, an iPad, a cell phone with at least six to eight apps, an Alexa device, two smartwatches, and an automatically adjusting smart light. Now, this is what software apps and products do. Can you imagine life without the software? Impossible!!!

What if one of the software apps use suddenly shutdown? Is not it true that if a website takes more than a fraction of seconds to load, we switch to the other side? If communication or social networking apps work slow, we find ourselves in a situation of a fix? If you find some glitches in an app, how long does it take to switch to a new app? No one has time to be patient with the apps we use. Immediate results are what we all look for. 

This is exactly why Quality Assurance is so very integral part of any software development project. The main purpose of QA is to make sure that a particular software works and functions the way it is supposed to. Quality assurance is an umbrella term that includes several processes and techniques for testing software app and ensuring the quality of the final product. It is the best friend when it comes to releasing great software to the end-user or client. 

Why is quality assurance certification important? 

  • Learning never stops. In fact, it is a lifelong process. Additional certification helps in refreshing basic knowledge and keep up with the new techniques and processes coming in.
  • It helps you gain and understand practical skills that you can use in your job.
  • In the present-day economy, enrolling in short-term courses from time to time is a must to enhance and polish your skills.
  • It helps in bridging theoretical or educational gaps.
  • It has a curriculum that lets you focus on the skills and knowledge that are needed in the work area.

What are the positives of an additional certification?

Here are the positives of additional certification if you are new to the QA profession.

It helps you get selected during the initial screening. 

Most of the hiring departments consider certification an important criterion during the initial screening of resumes. Even a foundation-level certificate will boost your confidence before the actual interview takes place.

You get an edge over others.

No doubt that real-time knowledge is important however a certification gets you an edge over others. Chances are that candidates you might be competing against might not be having additional certification. Thus, those who have certification have an advantage. 

Certification makes sure that even if the applicant is new to the field of testing, they have a basic understanding and knowledge of testing concepts and standard testing terminology. In most companies, the mention of additional certification on your resume will make a great impact on the employer. Your resume will look professional and appealing.

Positives of additional certification for an experienced quality assurance professional.

If you are seeking growth in the same company 

Who does not want to be ahead of the competitors? We all! It thus becomes important to perfect what you have. With an additional certification, you will notice a boost in your confidence. It ensures the deepest testing practices and knowledge. 

The most important benefit is – Skilled testers can identify the right errors and issues with eight efforts. 

If you want better employment opportunities in the market.

Though you are an expert in the process of software testing for many years, you now want to look for better and promising opportunities. Many Quality Assurance Professionals are often limited to what they do every day.

For example – if a QA professional is working in Functional Testing for a long duration, they might lose touch or forget about other types of testing. This can be a hindrance in the long run. Similarly, a professional working in the waterfall model will not know Agile methodology. This is damaging to the career of both professionals.

In other words, if a person is working in Functional Testing for a longer period, he/she may lose touch with all other types of testing which will eventually obstruct them in the longer run. Similarly, a person working in the waterfall model has no idea about the Agile model. This can be very harmful to both. Additional certification keeps you abreast of the updated technology and standard testing definitions. It only expands your wings in the field of software testing.

One thing is for sure, the right training can make a world of difference to the career growth and profile of software quality assurance. Instead of choosing a training program that promises fancy things, look for the one that provides you a platform and opportunity to grow in your career. With our QA Training Chicago program, you can reap the benefits and start looking for a job that can give your career a leap like never before. 

QA Training Classes is a one-stop destination for aspiring quality assurance professionals. Here, you will get a chance to get trained and groomed by the industry experts who make sure your fundamentals regarding software quality assurance are clean.