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The world of quality assurance has evolved over a period of time. It is often in software products and applications, we come across defects or errors of a particular type. Such errors hinder and corrupt the development of software decreasing its performance level. To resolve such issues, manual QA fresher trained in several principles of testing software are hired. The role and responsibility of manual QA professionals are of great paramount. If you are keen to find a job as a manual tester then enroll for quality assurance courses for fresher that groom aspiring manual testers. Manual QA professionals are responsible for compliance of the application with their given specifications and ensure that the application is 100 percent error-free. 

Significance of QA Manual Tester

Quality assurance manual testing is a procedure that involves carrying out several routine checks of the features of software apps along with an examination of several threats found in the software. Potential defects and threats found by the manual tester in the application comprise of technical glitches and bugs. To overcome these errors, a manual tester removes them followed by sending the product for publication and automation. After the manual tester conducts testing of the app, it runs smoothly. 

A manual quality assurance professional plays an inevitable role in identifying even the smallest problem in the software product or application. In other words, a manual tester pays attention to each and every glitch in an application so that the final product matches the set standards.

Being a manual QA tester is one responsibility that comes with great responsibility. Only those who have a great deal of patience and can put efforts can make the most of this profession. Other skills that make for an efficient manual tester are innovation, curiosity, and observation, and of course, a certificate provided that you have received the training. this is exactly what you can earn by enrolling for quality assurance courses for fresher that help you understand diverse concepts of manual testing.

Here is a quick glance at the few main responsibilities of manual QA Tester.


  • Execution of test scripts
  • System specifications analysis and reviews
  • He also plays a significant role in checking the product as an end-user
  • Results review documentation and reporting of technical problems

In a nutshell, being a manual QA tester is not at all easy however it can be one of the most well-paying professions provided you have skills and knowledge. With an increasing number of IT companies looking forward to hiring QA manual tester, you can be assured of a promising career. whether you are from a technical or non-technical background, you can enroll for quality assurance courses for fresher with QA TRAINING CLASSES and learn about different aspects of manual testing. We make sure that our candidates get maximum exposure to this emerging profession. Earning an additional certification can be your key to climb the ladder to success. So, enroll for this short-term training course with us and witness an immense growth In your professional life.