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Business Analyst Training Class Details

With Training Classes Business Analyst Training Course, you will be able to identify and enhance the entire business process in your company through data modeling, requirements gathering and communication skills. We strive to prepare candidates for this competitive world. Our team of experienced BA instructors ensures that you face no hassle while hunting for job. The perfect course for fresher’s who want to carve out a niche in this ever evolving IT industry.

Why Become a BA?

BA course is the easiest way to be a part of the IT team without having technical knowledge. IT industry has grown rapidly in the last decade and reached new heights. Also, it is the only industry that seems to be unaffected by economic slowdown. Being a growing industry, it has so many opportunities to offer.

How about being the part of this IT World minus technical knowledge?

You could be a BA not knowing technical things yet being a part of multimillion dollar projects. Even if you are a fresher you can be assured to fetch a lucrative job. It is BA who will be doing everything right starting from pulling projects to preparing documents and guiding developers.

Duration of Course

It is a four week course that prepares you for the competitive industry. It is important for you to know that BA’s job cannot be outsourced; hence the role becomes all the stronger in USA. Having command over other languages is an added advantage. If you have the ability to communicate well with clients not only in USA but also the developers in other countries, you are on the right track of having a secure future. As BA you are the bridge between the client and developer.

BA’s enjoy the longest tenure on the project for SDLC that is Software Development Life Cycle. Whether it is about gathering requirement, documentation, coding software or when testing is done, it is BA who has to ensure that everything falls in the right place.

Role Of A BA

The primary role of a business analyst is to understand the needs of client and convey them to the development team. A client has to get software developed and BA needs to understand what they need to get developed and then convey the same to the developers. As long as you have command over English and communication skills that sets you apart from others, you can fetch BA job.

Characteristics of a successful BA

  • Ability to understand business
  • Ability to ask question
  • People Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to write notes


Don’t require technical skills. If you know how to:

  • Pay heed to what client has to say
  • Write down the same in documents
  • And convey the same requirement to the developers

As long as you have the patience to listen, write and explain things you can make it a big in the industry.

This course teaches all that you need to become a BA. We job train you in four weeks of enrolling with us. Everything you need to know at job, we prepare you for the same. We provide you hands on training gearing you for the IT industry.

Duration & Fee
Course Fee : $750 $600 for a limited time.
Payment in Easy Installments.
Duration :

8 Weeks (Two convenient options to fit your schedule)

  • 1 Hour Weekday Evening classes (Monday – Friday)
  • 4 Hour Weekend Morning or Afternoon classes (Saturday and Sunday)


Course Outline

  • Business Analysis Introduction
  • Who is Business Analyst?
  • Why become a Business Analyst?
  • Characteristics of BA
  • Role of BA
  • Team Structure of IT Team

Industry Abbreviations Definations
  • Business Requirement Document (BRD)
  • Functional Requirement Document (FRD)
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Joint Application Development Session (JAD Session)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Industry Terms Defination
  • Syntax
  • Artifacts
  • Intranet
  • Lockup Sessions
  • Project Charter
  • Business Modeling
  • Sand Box Environment
  • and Many more…

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Introduction of SDLC
  • Need of a BA in SDLC
  • Phases of SDLC

Use Case and Use Case Narratives
  • What are Use Case and Use Case Narrative?
  • Relationship between Use Cases
  • How to write Use Cases?
  • Use Case Narrative Flows
    • Primary Flow
    • Alternative Flow
    • Exceptional Flow

Unified Modeling Language (UML) Diagrams
  • Introduction of UML
  • What are Behavioral and Structural Diagrams?
  • UML Diagrams Units
  • How to make Use Case Diagram
  • How to make State Diagram
  • How to make Activity Diagram
  • How to make Swim Lanes
  • How to Create Wire Frames using Axure and Microsoft Visio?

FRD (Functional Requirement Document)
  • Introduction to Functional Requirement Document
  • Understanding FRD syntax
  • How to create a Functional Requirement Document?
  • How to write Gap Analysis Document?

Software Engineering Process
  • Introduction of Software Engineering Processes
  • Types of Software Engineering Processes
  • Waterfall method
  • RUP (Rational Unified Process)
  • Agile Method

Industry Tools
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Rational Requisite Pro
  • Visio
  • Axure

Software Testing
  • Software Testing Introduction
  • Role of BA in Testing
  • Creating Test Cases
  • Manual and Automation Testing method
  • Testing Types
    • Functional Testing
    • GUI and Unit Testing
    • Black Box Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing

  • Resume Preparation and Mock Interviews
  • Interview Questions Discussions
  • Job Placement Support
  • On Job Support

+ QA Training
at $0 Cost

We will also teach you Quality Assurnace(QA) as :
  • It will Increase Chances of Getting a Job by 100%:
    In today's competative market companies prefer a BA candidate who has knowledge of Quality Assurance(QA) also.

  • Apply for Both QA and BA Jobs:
    Also after the course you will be able to decide if you want to apply for QA, BA or Both.

  • Job Hunt:
    It becomes easier for us or any other consultants to PUSH the resume to our clients if candidate has knowledge of both.

  • Course Outline:
    Click on the "Next Page of Course Outline" button below to see our QA Course outline..

Duration & Fee
Course Fee : $750 $600 for a limited time. Payment in Easy Installments.
Duration :

8 Weeks (Two convenient options to fit your schedule)

  • 1 Hour Weekday Evening classes (Monday – Friday)
  • 4 Hour Weekend Morning or Afternoon classes (Saturday and Sunday)

Why us?
  • 100% Job Oriented Training. US Based Instructors.
  • 24/7 Test Lab to practice on Software Tools.
  • Work on Real-Time Projects. You can then show them in your resume.
  • Resume Prep & Review, Mock Interviews, Job Placement assistance and On-Job Support.
  • Interactive sessions. No student on Mute.
  • We take max of 5 students in a batch to make sure each student is given required attention by the instructor.
  • Session Recorded and available for very long time to students. Student can rerun the recording and call us for questions and concerns.
  • Practical oriented / Job oriented Training.
  • Build confidence for an interview by mock interviews / group discussions / interview related questions.
  • All Study Materials and tools will be provided by us. You don't have to buy any books or tools.
  • Pay onetime fee & repeat / re attending classes unlimited times.
  • The teaching methods are based on the current competitive job market.
  • Free H1B and Green Card sponsorship.
  • Excellent Salary Package + Medical benefits.
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Why us?
  • Excellent US based Trainers
  • Sessions are Recorded
  • Students Interactive Sessions to trainer
  • 5 Students Max
  • Live Session Practice
  • 24 x 7 Access
  • Resume preparation
  • Free H1B/Green Card sponsorship
  • $0 training to our employees
  • Excellent salary for fresher
  • Medical and Insurance benefits