Business Analyst(BA) training in Virginia(VA)

Are you a fresher who has no experience in programming? Are you craving for a career in IT filed but have no idea where to get started? Are you stuck in same job with not much advancement? Are you tired of recession and worrying about job security? If you answer yes then Training-Specialists can come to your rescue.

Do you want to embark on a flourishing career in IT industry? Do you want to switch to better job so that you can have better salary? Do you want to protect yourself from the brunt of recession by landing yourself into the secure job? If yes then enroll for BA Training in Virginia with Training-Specialists. We will give you an edge over other by job training you within four weeks of the course.

Is it mandatory to possess programming or technical skills to become a BA?

Prior software development or programming knowledge or experience is no pre-requisites to become a business analyst. All that you need to have is some basic of IT and even if you lack it, there is nothing to worry as your job as BA is to work as a bridge between the client and software development team. Having good interpersonal and communication skills, ability to listen carefully and explaining things will enhance your chances of getting better job in the initial stage of your career. Our BA Training program in Virginia coves all fundamentals necessary to become a skilled BA professional.

Career prospects for BA?

Once you are through with the course you can graduate to various progressive career options such as:

  • Product or Project Manager
  • Business Architect
  • Release Manager
  • Senior Business Analysts

Key skills needed to become a BA?

As far as responsibilities of business analyst are considered, he has to conduct interviews, meet client, gather the details of software products, create procedure flow diagrams, pen down the needs of client and convey the same to the software development team to name a few.

You need to have strong analysis skills, documentation and good communication skills. When you enroll with us for BA training course, we polish your skills by organizing workshops of different types. The course aims at strengthening your communication and analysis skills and application of varied tools by using assignments and examples from several domains such as loan processing, credit card, flight reservation etc.


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